Executive Team


Ainslie Pierrynowski & Vinh Ho

Volunteer Coordinators

Thien Nguyen & Michelle Le


Gerry Huynh

Graphic Designers

Demy Dam & Guvrir Rai

Communications Officer

Jude Sanon

Events Manager

Kevin Lu

Sponsorship Directors

Sakib Kazi & Siraj Ghassel

Finance Officers

Aurgho Datta & Anne To

Marketing Officer

Uyen Nguyen

Research Correspondent

Alex St. John

General Volunteers

Rifat Chad

Katie Cheung

Usaamah Gill

Arvind Grewal

Emilie Hotte

Linh Le

Karen Liu

Thien Nguyen

Shrankhala Tewari

Nancy Tran

James Vu

Kathryn Zhang

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