About Us

uOttawa Team Diabetes is a local chapter of Diabetes Canada comprised of students at the University of Ottawa. Our mission is to raise awareness for diabetes, and promote a healthy active lifestyle as a means to decrease the incidence of diabetes and to improve the quality of life for all.

We are involved with active fundraisers to send runners to the annual Ottawa Race Weekend Marathon as part of Team Diabetes, and host many health promotion workshops as well as physical exercise events, including volleyball tournaments and yoga lessons for the community throughout the year! Show your support and join us in our journey through healthy active living and our fight to prevent and cure diabetes!

2018-2019 Year

Our vision for this upcoming year and the future of uOttawa Team Diabetes is

This year, uOttawa Team Diabetes is going to continue the SMASH Volleyball Tournament, as well as adding other sports tournament to engage more participants at different skill levels. In addition to organizing sport tournaments, uOttawa Team Diabetes is going to offer more volunteering opportunities in the local community and host more fundraising events through-out the city.

Established in 2012

The consequences of a lack of proper nutrition and regular exercise were always obstacles every student strove to change, and so the uOttawa Team Diabetes club was founded in January 2012, by a group of undergraduates hoping to do just that.

It is comprised of students from the University of Ottawa, fields of study ranged from science to business to arts and social sciences. The common ground upon which the group stood was the members’ universal connection and experiences relating to diabetes, whether it was friends and loved ones, or they themselves fighting the battle.

What started as a small group discussion on different ways to be more involved within the community, shortly developed into a plan to conduct unique fundraisers and advocacy campaigns for diabetes and healthy active living.

With the end goal of participating in the annual Ottawa Marathon in support of the Diabetes Canada, the students came together, formed this club, and proceeded to host various local activities and functions.

These included volleyball tournaments and bake-sales promoting no-to-low sugar/carb alternatives, as well as others – the proceeds from which were donated to send runners to the Marathon.

The club has now grown to over 30 members and continues to send an increasing number of participants to the Marathon each year due to the growing contributions and expanding fundraisers.

It is the hope that with each coming year, uOttawa Team Diabetes will be bigger and better, and above all, inspire YOU to join on the journey to a more healthy and active community!

Past Executive Members

2018-2019 – Anne and Aurgho
2017-2018 – Ainslie and Vinh
2016-2017 – Claire and Alon
2015-2016 – Curtis and Claire
2014-2015 – Curtis and Katrina